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Vented Euro Soffit Board 5M-225mm

Vented Euro Soffit Board 5M-225mm

Vented Euro Soffit Board 5M-150mm

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Vented Euro Soffit Board 5M-150mm

Upgrade your roofline with the 150 mm Vented Euro Soffit Board! This robust solution combines durability with exceptional breathability, ensuring optimal airflow and protecting your roof from moisture damage.expand_more Say goodbye to dampness and condensation – the built-in ventilation slots promote healthy air circulation, safeguarding your roof timbers and insulation for years to come.

Made from high-quality UPVC, this 150mm board offers impressive weather resistance, colour fastness, and low maintenance. Lightweight and easy to install, it seamlessly integrates with your existing fascias.

Choose Vented Euro Soffit Boards for new builds, roof replacements, or refurbishments. Enjoy lasting protection, improved curb appeal, and peace of mind knowing your roof is breathing easy! Order yours today and experience the difference.


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