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If you are inexperienced in the field of construction, then the term lintels may not spark a memory. However, it is an essential part of the process that is used to support windows and doors from withstanding massive loads that fall on them. Lintels are generally a beam that is placed above and below windows and doors that aids in resisting extreme masses which they are structurally incapable of fulfilling.

At Mitcham BM, our most demanded product is concrete lintels, which has helped construction projects extensively. They are highly affordable and durable and have a higher level of withstanding forces met by feeble doors and windows. We assure you that our concrete lintels’ premium quality does not allow it to break or crack under any conditions and can adapt to any size or shape.

In case you are focusing on your windows only and wish to give it the best lintels installed, then our top-quality window lintel allows you to get the best experience in installing any size or shape of the window without worrying about the burden it might have to tolerate. In contrast, our best box lintel is excellent for structural protection and easily fits into brick or cavity walls.


To some, pad stones may look like just another brick on the wall, but it is rather different and has stronger properties to support the beam that holds windows, doors, basements and other parts. We offer the best quality padstones near me that can sustain the weight and resistance to extreme forces pretty easily. While the pressure on the beam can spread over a wider scale, installing our padstones in place can reduce the intensity of the pressure to affect other parts of the structure.

As we know, concrete is quite reliable, durable and resistant to almost everything that it encounters. By offering our trusted concrete padstones that are affordable at cost, you can reduce the stress your wall takes and help you live in your home or work in your office without having to worry that the walls may fall off or your floor may crash beneath you.

Each project’s requirements will differ; thus, considering padstones might be a confusing option. But we offer expert guidance to those who have trouble figuring out their choices by providing them with a range of options to choose from to match their project requirement. So, if you are in need of concrete padstones near me, then we are a call away.