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Bulk Aggregates

Are you heading towards a project site to construct a new building without building aggregates? Well, the importance of aggregates in the construction sphere has been neglected for a prolonged period. After all, when you have cement and a fresh supply of water, what difference does a bag of stones and sand make to your concrete? Having said that, as an aspiring builder or contractor, you must be aware that aggregates are the “building blocks” for any construction. But do you know what exactly aggregates are?

Aggregates are inert raw materials derived and extracted from natural sources such as pits and quarries, forming an integral part of the construction. These include stones, sand and gravel, separated from their parent rock, mined, crushed and washed to achieve an optimal concrete proportion. Natural aggregates are used for layering the foundation for various construction projects such as roads, pavements, bridges, railways and buildings. In fact, 80 per cent of the concrete mix you use comprises bulk aggregates.

Moreover, stone aggregates are widely incorporated in the concrete mix as it helps reduce the cement ratio in the mixture, lowering and saving your project’s raw material costs. Also, it adds strength to the concrete, making it more compact and reducing shrinking and water consumption portion.

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Aggregates Supplier in the UK

Mitcham Builders Merchants is a proud family-run business with 20 years of expertise in dealing with aggregates and other raw materials for your construction projects. Being reliable and professional primary aggregates suppliers, we understand how crucial it is for every project to have a premium quality stock of aggregates supplied. Therefore, our crew is always alert and dedicated to providing superior-quality aggregates.

You will never receive complaints about inferior quality, prices and delivery with us. Yes, besides keeping our tabs on quality, we also extend same-day delivery at cost-effective and affordable prices. Whether you book for a small quantity or bulk, as leading wholesale aggregate suppliers, we ensure to quote reasonable charges.

We understand that using even a small quantity of poor aggregates as a foundation in the initial stages of construction can prevent the project and eventually will invite repairs. Thus, we supply only good quality aggregates which are uniform and consistent in their shape and properties. Also, we are known as the dried aggregate suppliers.

Connect with our expert loose aggregate suppliers to know the prices of aggregates in smaller quantities.

Decorative Aggregates

Are you looking for ways to enhance the visual appeal of the outdoor space of your premises? Whether you have a garden, a patio or a little yard, if you are willing to beautify it, decorative aggregates are what you need. At Mitcham Builders Merchants, we offer a great range of quality and attractive decorative aggregates near me. These include names such as Jumbo Beach Pebbles, Jumbo Green Slate, Jumbo Plum Slate and Jumbo Bag Cotswold Buff that will instantly elevate the external aura of your home.

Moreover, apart from exuding an aesthetic vibe, bulk decorative aggregates are incredibly versatile as they help improve garden drainage, create a landscape pond, re-surface a driveway and fill the irregular gaps on the edges of patios. You could create a spacious and illuminating garden path with the help of classic white decorative aggregates.

Aggregates also require minimal effort for management. Therefore, call us today to get your garden aggregates near me delivery.