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9"x2" Joist Hangers Timber To Masonry


9"x4" Joist Hangers Timber To Masonry

9"x3" Joist Hangers Timber To Masonry

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9"x3" Joist Hangers Timber To Masonry

Introducing our 9x3 Joist Hangers, the ideal solution for securing 9x3 joists in decking and structural projects. Made from high-grade stainless steel, these joist hangers ensure durability and corrosion resistance, making them suitable for various construction environments, including outdoor applications. Their design provides a strong and stable foundation for your deck, ensuring safety and longevity.

These adjustable joist hangers provide the flexibility needed for specific installations, efficiently accommodating different lumber sizes. This adaptability is key to maintaining the structural integrity of your projects. Whether for professional construction or DIY endeavours, our 9x3 joist hangers are straightforward to install and provide reliable support. It is suitable for various applications, from decking to timber framing, offering a robust solution to your building needs.


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